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Sarah Kornblum has shoulder-length brown hair and a blue cardigan, and is sitting on a bench in a coffee shop with her laptop

Sarah Kornblum (she/her)


Agency Owner at 2 Dogs and a Laptop

About Sarah Kornblum

Early in life, Sarah figured out a way to bring her passions together through teaching.  In high school and college, she taught swimming.  After college and beyond, she taught rowing.  As a full-time career, she taught math and worked with students with special needs.  The adoption of her two dogs, Edie and Elliot, inspired new passions for obedience training and dog therapy work with children and seniors.

Sarah has found a wonderful support system in a group of entrepreneurial web developers from diverse backgrounds.  They all support each other along the route to furthering their education in web development and design.  She is a lifelong learner who is constantly challenging herself to learn new things and become better in the coding and development skills she already has.

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