WordPress Accessibility Day 2024

Ricky, a clean-shaven Caucasian male in his sixties, wearing a pale gray cap and a white patterned open-necked shirt

Ricky Onsman (he / him)

Asia-Pacific Team Lead

Technical Content Writer at TPGi

About Ricky Onsman

I’m a writer for the US-based TPGi Knowledge Center, where I write technical content for a global team of digital accessibility engineers and auditors. This comes after 20 years as variously a freelance web designer / front end developer (mostly in WordPress), digital accessibility auditor, writer, editor and managing editor (mostly on, about, and for the web), as well as working for technology conference organizers. I’m a Dutch-born Australian, have two adult children, and work remotely from my home south of Sydney, nestled between the bush and the sea. I’ve previously been an actor, teacher, and popular culture writer, before getting into IT. I play guitar, am an accomplished cook, was a soccer player until I retired at 57, and am a voracious reader – and sometime reviewer – of books of all kinds.