WordPress Accessibility Day 2024

Lotti Kershaw is a woman with blonde, shoulder length wavy hair. She is wearing a black, floral dress and is leaning against a chair, smiling at the camera.

Lotti Kershaw (She/her)


Freelance Adult Educator and Learning Designer

About Lotti Kershaw

Lotti Kershaw has worked in adult education for 7 years. She has designed and developed curriculum, courses and online learning materials for culturally and linguistically diverse, disabled, neurodivergent and disadvantaged learners, many of whom experience communication or education barriers.

Her accessibility journey started a few years ago with her lived experience of neurodivergence and the use of assistive technology. She writes a WordPress blog for learning designers, with the mission of demystifying digital accessibility for educational content.

In her recent career she has delved into the human side of accessibility to understand how people truly interact with digital content and devices. She has worked with disabled and neurodivergent learners to co-design courses and learning resources to meet their needs.

She is committed to making the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all.