WordPress Accessibility Day 2024

Danielle is standing in front of a brick wall wearing glasses and has short dark hair shaved on the sides. They are wearing a black and red plaid shirt under a heather blue sweater with sunglasses hanging off.

Danielle Zarcaro (they/them)


Founder of Kinetic Iris

About Danielle Zarcaro

Danielle Zarcaro is the queer nonbinary founder of Overnight Website and Kinetic Iris. They’ve been developing and maintaining custom WordPress websites for over a decade. They’ll get excited any time there’s a gadget to tinker with or a puzzle to put together. They love snuggling their cat, husky, and fiance, and there’s nothing better than mixing Dunkin’ hot chocolate with their coffee to put a smile on their face. You’ll often find them awake past sunrise and up in time for the sunset.