WordPress Accessibility Day 2024

Ali Shan is wearing a dark suit and glasses, and is standing in front of a bright colourful background.

Ali Shan (he/him)


Owner at WPRobo

About Ali Shan

Ali Shan is a seasoned web application developer with a decade of rich experience in the industry. His journey in this field has been marked by a strong commitment to open-source contributions, particularly within the WordPress community. As a core contributor to WordPress and an author of several plugins, he has a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities and limitations.

In addition to Ali’s WordPress expertise, his technical skills extend to a range of technologies including Laravel, API development and integration, and Shopify. This diverse technical background enables him to approach web accessibility from a holistic perspective, understanding how various systems can be made more inclusive and accessible to all users.

Recently, Ali ventured into entrepreneurship by founding WPRobo, a digital agency specializing in WordPress solutions. This venture is not just a business for him; it’s a platform to advocate for and implement web accessibility standards, ensuring that the digital space is welcoming to everyone.

Volunteering for WordPress Accessibility Day aligns perfectly with his professional ethos and personal passion for creating an inclusive digital world. Ali’s goal is to leverage his skills and experience to contribute meaningfully to this event, promoting accessibility in the WordPress community and beyond.