WordPress Accessibility Day 2024


WordPress Accessibility Day is organized by a group of volunteers from around the WordPress community.

We’re working together to help promote accessibility on the web. Learn more about us below.

Board of Directors

Amber Hinds is a woman in her 30's with fair skin, rosy cheeks, and light brown hair

Amber Hinds

Board President, CEO of Equalize Digital

Bet Hannon is a short middle-aged white woman with short hair

Bet Hannon

Board Treasurer, Sponsor & Finance Lead, CEO of AccessiCart

Joe is a white male in his mid 40s wearing glasses with short brown hair.

Joe Dolson

Board Secretary, Website Team Lead, Owner of Accessible Web Design

Team Leads

Middle-aged caucasian woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing glasses

Adrienne Grace

Volunteers Team Lead, Accessibility Analyst/Graphic Designer at The Standard

Isla Waite is a white woman with shoulder-length wavy dark hair.

Isla Waite

Technology & Vendors Team Lead, Brand Strategist at Marketing by Design

Joni, a white woman with dark curly hair and glasses, is sitting with her back to a desk. On the desk is an open laptop. The screen shows blurred out computer code.

Joni Halabi

Translation Team Lead, Senior Web Developer at Georgetown University

Headshot for Michelle Frechette, a woman with cat-rim glasses and purple hair, smiling at the camera

Michelle Frechette

Marketing Team Lead, Director of Community Engagement at StellarWP, Liquid Web

Richard Gauder is a Caucasian male with short, dark hair wearing dark rimmed glasses and a blue button-down shirt.

Richard Gauder

Post Event Team Co-Lead, Co-Founder at CMS Web Solutions Inc.

Ricky, a clean-shaven Caucasian male in his sixties, wearing a pale gray cap and a white patterned open-necked shirt

Ricky Onsman

Asia-Pacific Team Lead, Technical Content Writer at TPGi

Ryan Bracey is a white man in his 30's with short dark hair. He is standing outside and smiling in front of an ivy covered wall.

Ryan Bracey

Speakers Team Lead, Director, Web Development & User Experience at Second Melody

Sol has blue and purple hair and is wearing a black top. They are looking at the camera.

Sol Escobar

Post Event Team Co-Lead, Senior Accessibility Consultant


Alexander Gounder is wearing a blue-grey jacket and a pale shirt. He is looking at the camera and smiling,

Alexander Gounder

Organizer, Owner / Founder of Ink my web

Ali Shan is wearing a dark suit and glasses, and is standing in front of a bright colourful background.

Ali Shan

Organizer, Owner at WPRobo

Beverly Bravo

Organizer, Accessibility Tester/IT Instructor

Bijay Kumal

Bijay Kumal

Organizer, Co-Founder & CEO at Ecommerce Sathi Pvt.Ltd.

Christine Otten

Organizer, Accessibility Professional & Website Designer at 181 Creative Agency, Inc

Crystal Gray

Organizer, Freelance Content Writer

Danielle is standing in front of a brick wall wearing glasses and has short dark hair shaved on the sides. They are wearing a black and red plaid shirt under a heather blue sweater with sunglasses hanging off.

Danielle Zarcaro

Organizer, Founder of Kinetic Iris

Female sitting on a lounge chair, is brown, has long hair, wearing glasses and red shirt.

Hiral Bhatt

Organizer, Accessibility Specialist at Performedia

Profile picture of James Lau looking off into the distance space to his left. Dawning a grey button down shirt, with rolled up sleeves.

James Lau

Organizer, Web Developer at jameslau.com

June Liu, Founder of backpocket ACE, wearing a dark shirt, with a friendly smile, and short hair.

June Liu

Organizer, Founder and Creative Strategist at backpocket ACE

Lotti Kershaw is a woman with blonde, shoulder length wavy hair. She is wearing a black, floral dress and is leaning against a chair, smiling at the camera.

Lotti Kershaw

Organizer, Freelance Adult Educator and Learning Designer

Maarten is a white man in his 30s with brown hair and glasses

Maarten Jansen

Organizer, Team lead Brand at Yoast B.V.

Maheen Fatima is wearing a blue headscarf with white butterflies and looking at the camera

Maheen Fatima

Organizer, Frontend Developer at WPRobo

Close up of Nick. He has a friendly smile. Nick is wearing a light blue shirt, has longer, mostly dark hair, and a matching beard. The beach can be seen in the background.

Nick Croft

Organizer, Lead Developer at Reaktiv

A black man in a white t-shirt branded with a divibanks.com logo on a gray background

Patrick Lumumba

Organizer, Web Developer, Content Writer at Divi Banks

Peter is a 60 year old white man with darkish hair, salt & pepper beard, and light smile. In the background are green leaves seen through a screened deck.

Peter Ingersoll

Organizer, WordPress Builder & Trainer at IngersollWP

Raghavendra Satish Peri

Organizer, Founder at DigitalA11Y

Ricky Blacker

Organizer, Senior Partner Account Manager at WP Engine

Headshot of Sara smiling directly at the camera in front a a brick wall. She wears glasses, has spiky hair and dimples.

Sara Cousins

Organizer, Designer/Developer at Mighty Spark Design

Sarah Kornblum has shoulder-length brown hair and a blue cardigan, and is sitting on a bench in a coffee shop with her laptop

Sarah Kornblum

Organizer, Agency Owner at 2 Dogs and a Laptop

Shelley Williams

Organizer, User Experience & Front-End Web Designer at 12thirteen

Suzanne Shouesmith is a white female in her 40's with shoulder length blonde hair.

Suzanne Shouesmith

Organizer, Web Manager at Innovate UK KTN